What Is Calcium Carbonate?

Calcium carbonate made by reacting water with quick lime (main component: calcium oxide CaO) obtained through the thermal decomposition of limestone and then further reacted with carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is called light calcium carbonate (light coal).
Light calcium carbonate made from limestone is contained in a great many products delivered to us as the fillers of rubber/plastic products, neutral papermaking loading materials and food additives.

Features of Calcium Carbonate

Raw Materials

(1) Quick Lime
It is possible to self-supply large quantities of quick lime and carbon dioxide gas inexpensively with the inexhaustible supply of good quality lime ore in Kochi Prefecture and an existing lime combustion furnace.
*Limestone in Kochi Prefecture:
Kochi Prefecture has served as a major producing center for Tosa lime since the Edo period (1603 to 1868) because it is blessed with good limestone that contains few impurities. This is still used as a raw material in the iron, steel, cement and chemical industries today. Moreover, since this is highly dense and pure, this can be called a raw material suitable for light calcium carbonate.

(2) Industrial Water
We have secured an abundant source of good quality industrial water with a consumption track record.

Distribution Location
We are located adjacent to Kochi Port. Therefore, we can transport raw materials and products direct by sea. We have a location that allows for distribution at good economy even to remote locations.
Product Name Main Application Strengths
Light calcium carbonate Rubbers and plastics Fine white powder with extremely excellent workability without coarse grains and contamination
TOYO Light-C Rubbers and plastics Highly dispersive light calcium carbonate rubber given coagulation prevention treatment
Loading materials for papermaking (Dried products)
Loading materials for papermaking (Wet powders)
Opacity as a filler for neutral papermaking and thin paper Improved whiteness and smoothness;
light calcium carbonate characterized by a low degree of wire and cutter wear
TOYO White Food additives Few impurities (recommended for food additives); halal certification


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