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Commercial Business

Commercial Business 1. Value-added Product Proposals
We are able to propose products with the perspective of a manufacturer (e.g. energy burden reduction and cost reduction efforts).

2. Stable Supply
We are able to control quality in-house because we are also a consumer of sales products. We store some products in-house as inventory.

3. Pursuit of Low Prices
We are able to offer competitive pricing because we have multiple purchase sources. (Purchase source examples: Brazil and Russia, etc.)


The history of TOYO DENKA KOGYO is intertwined with the iron and steel (including ferro-alloys) materials industry in the main.
We have unceasingly studied technologies based on the experience we have cultivated since our foundation as a company on the front line to win the great trust of all our users today.
We have become able to respond to even more detailed needs by having networks overseas in addition to Japan in our business fields.

Commercial Business

Ferro-silicon is essential in steel manufacturing as a deoxidization agent.
We have stably imported ferro-silicon by signing a business partnership with a Brazilian manufacturer since 1984 by taking advantage of our expertise in manufacturing ferro-silicon over many years.
We installed sizing facilities from Japan in our business partner in Tianjin in China in 1997 and now import goods upon carrying out thorough quality control with ferro-silicon crushing, sieving and analytical facilities.

We will continue to provide high-quality products with confidence in the future.

Commercial Business Product List

TOYO DENKA KOGYO handles a wide range of products as below.

Category Product Quality (Reference Values)
Si-based Ferro-silicon JIS no. 2 product, AL0.5% product, L/Ca product, AL0.1% product, AL0.04% product and AL0.01% product, etc.
Metallic silicon 553/441/2202 etc.
Special silicon RESi and FeSiMg
Ca-based Calcium silicon JIS no. 1 product
Calcium aluminate STD (CaO 50% and Al203 40%) etc.
Calcium ferrite STD (CaO 40% and Fe203 50%), high CaO (CaO 50% and Fe203 40%) and Na content
Ferro-calcium silicon Ca 17.0-20.0% and Si 45.0-47.0%, etc.
C-based Amorphous graphite FC ≧78%, S ≦0.1% and N ≦0.1%, etc.
Pitch coke FC ≧99%
Sintered anthracite FC ≧90%
Various recarburizers  
Al-based Aluminum shot Al ≧94.0%
Aluminum ash M.Al ≧40.0%
Aluminum dross M.Al ≧30.0%
Other Dolomite CaO ≧30.0% and MgO ≦20.0%, etc.
Ferro-phosphorous STD (P ≧23.0%, Si ≦2.0%), L/Ca (Ca ≦0.03%) and L/Ti (Ti ≦0.5%), etc.
Sulfide ore S ≧48.0%、Fe ≧42.0%
CaSi wire  
Special ferro-alloy wire FeB, S, MeCa, NiMg, SiMg, FeMg and C, etc.
Various briquettes SiMn etc.
Various pre-melt and blended products  


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