Corporate Information

Company History

1919 Tosa Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. established
Started the trial manufacture of ferro-chrome
1942 Constructed a 1,800 KVA electric furnace (#1) for carbide
1956 Signed a partnership with Toa Gosei Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (present: Toa Gosei Co., Ltd.)
Changed company name to TOYO DENKA KOGYO Co., Ltd.
Greatly expanded business
1957 Constructed a 5,000 KVA electric furnace (#5) for ferro-alloy
and a 13,000 KVA electric furnace (#6) for carbide
1960 Powered up #6 furnace to 15,000 KVA
1961 Constructed a 18,000 KVA electric furnace (#7) for carbide
and two quick lime combustion furnaces
1965 Constructed a 12,000 KVA electric furnace (#8) for ferro-alloy
Started the manufacture of TOYO POWDER (ferro-alloy processed product)
1967 Constructed calcium phosphate for feed facilities
Constructed a 7,500 KVA electric furnace (#10) for ferro-alloy
1969 Constructed a serpentine mining plant
1970 Constructed a 40,000 KVA electric furnace (#11) for ferro-silicon
1978 Started the manufacture of a graphite spheroidizing agent for cast metal (special alloy)
1981 Constructed calcium carbonate facilities
1982 Started manufacture of Lincar Pellet
1988 Started operations at Chiba Logistics Center
1993 Opened Beijing Office
1995 Established a Chinese joint venture called ZHEN JIANG DONFENG SPECIAL ALLOY Co., Ltd.
1999 Started the manufacture of cored wire
2001 Established TOYO HYMOLD INTERNATIONAL Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
2004 Renovated head office building
2005 Opened Shanghai Office
Acquired ISO14001
Established a Chinese joint venture called XICHANG TOYO LIAMGZAI SPECIAL ALLOY Co., Ltd.
2007 Established TOYO HEISEI POLYMER Co., Ltd. with the merger of TOYO CHEMICAL Co., Ltd, and HEISEI POLYMER Co., Ltd.
2009 Established TOYO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.
2010 Started operation of a silicon metal pulverization plant
2011 Started operation of ash tech beads manufacturing facilities
2014 Started operation of special ferro-alloy manufacturing facilities at HYMOLD (THAILAND) Ltd.
2016 Set up tsunami evacuation facilities in our Head Office plant
Constructed a 2 T high-frequency furnace for special alloys
2018 Completed the office annex (and tsunami evacuation building)
2019 Marked the 100th anniversary since our foundation
2021 Started operation of new cored wire plant


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